Seek Culture Movement

PLOT: Girl gets stalked in the mountains of Oahu

ABOUT THE PRODUCTION: The waves weren't happening in Hawaii in the spring of 2005, so to pass the flat-ocean time, we came up with an idea to film a pig hunt. My friend and co-creator of this project, Keo, became the stalker with the bow and arrow when we realized that hunting a human would be quite a bit easier to capture on film than spearing a wild boar.

The lovely talent here is Ghizlane Aurouch, aka. Riz, who served as the muse for this little experiment. The cut-away, in-water shots are of Trip Patterson ripping miniature Rocky Point. I used Kodak 16mm black & white and 7245 color film when that ran out. The music is Mr. Bungle's cover of "Sweet Chariot," and the horror music is from the Friday the 13th score, downloaded from limewire. The Hawaii surf section still needs to be filmed. Hopefully this winter;>