Seek Culture Movement


There's a picture in your living room, and if an objective third party observer had an ounce of superficial intuition about it, he or she might say, "... these individuals have the 'hey, look at me! I'm crazy!' syndrome. What has this god-awful world come to when young people are wild in the streets...eating flowers and leap-frogging one another." But upon keener scrutiny, aspects of one's character that another may categorize as 'crazy,' may be a deliberate retrograde along one's maturity continuum to therapeutically express a current interpretation of a past traumatic emotion in a balancing act on the tight rope of this conventional dimension. Dually noted. And needless to say, but I am going to say it anyway, those who do *not* express themselves outwardly in a parallel way may be inadvertently hindering their own maturation process. And to our trustworthy third party observer??? The mysticism may lead to speculation, which, in turn, exacerbates the inkling in mind or diffuses the notion of heart intermittently in the semi-relevant way that wind may enrage a candle's flame or extinguish it, taking into account the strength of one's hypothetical internal flame, so to speak. Well, for the sake of contrast and so to speak, I hope I have adequately conjured up some intelligent jargon to ponder before or after watching complete non-sense. Here are some examples of the aforementioned nonsense on 8mm film, edited to 'Big Truck,' by the Drayton Sawyer Gang, a tale of the overshadowing momentum of the blood-thirsty power-driven and their schemes versus us neophites.

BIG TRUCK!@#$%^&